LR Studio

A comprehensive task aid platform that uses the best AI technology to extract information accurately.​

Achieve unparalleled task efficiency and reduce risk in document-related tasks.​

We focus on simplifying everything:​


Upload documents seamlessly

– Using import or drag and drop


Train an AI model

– By annotating documents with our intuitive highlighting or framing tool


See the effect of AI take place over time

– The annotation of documents will gradually improve the extraction of information over time, resulting in dramatic cost and efficiency improvements

But we don't stop here...

We’re able to do more than extract information and show you where it’s from. With our platform you can

Compare important information in different documents.

Train your own artificial intelligence models and determine which is better

Export the information in multiple formats

The results

Gather better and quicker insights from your documents

Increase the quality of your information

Reduce your processing costs​

Reduce human errors​

How LR differentiates from others

High quality extraction from PDF files

Independant of language

Data belongs to the customer

More than 25 years of experience

Accomplish more with LexRockAI

Contract Eligibility

Research by Context

Harness the intelligence of your documents today